What Equipment Do You Need to Create a Professional Video?

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What Equipment Do You Need to Create a Professional Video?

The quality of your videos relies on both the content and equipment used. Production quality increases as you improve the quality of the tools you use. In turn, this results in a more satisfied audience. This article talks about the essential tools needed to maximize the quality of your video.

Equipment to Shoot a Professional Video

Here are the most sought after equipment that is essential in shooting professional videos:

1.    Camera

You can’t begin without a camera. There are plenty of options out there, but DSLR cameras are the way to go if you have a limited budget. They may not be cinematic theatre quality, but they can record 1080p, which is standard for HD videos. The prices for these mid-range DSLR cameras start at $600. A tremendous mid-level professional camera can film up to 4K high definition. They cost more starting at around $1,300.

2.    Tripod and Gimbal

Tripods and gimbals are necessary to maintain the stability of your footage. You may not notice them until post-production, but even the smallest shakes in the video are visible. Tripods stabilize stationary sequences. It is imperative to use tripods for DSLRs to improve the grip and smoothen panning. The basic price range of tripods starts at $40 for a basic tripod. From there they increase significantly in costs as you move towards higher-end equipment that promotes lighter weight, portability, and more stable motion.

Gimbals comprise pivot and weight, helping you stabilize moving shots. These can immensely improve the quality of your videos while making it easy to film while on-the-go.

3.    External Microphone and Lavalier Mic

Although professional video cameras can pick up audio just fine, it’s still best to invest in external microphones. You will notice a significant difference in audio quality, especially if you’re filming videos containing dialogue. There are several types of external microphones, depending on your recording needs. Omni-directional microphones capture audio from every direction. For a more focused sound, you can use shotgun mics and directional mics, which start at around $100 and go up from there.

Lavalier microphones refer to small mics clipped into a lapel to eliminate background noises and capture cleaner dialogue. These are necessary for scenes with many people talking where you need a high-quality sound pickup.

4.    Lighting Equipment

Proper lighting improves the image quality and appearance of the video. In choosing the appropriate light, you need to consider foreground and background lighting, shadows, and your budget. You need to make sure that your light doesn’t produce harsh shadows and glares. To control them, you can use reflectors to maximize your ambient light. Additionally, softboxes are more versatile, providing softer fill light.

The prices range from $57 up to $100 and above. Entry-level filmmakers use DSLR attachment LED light on top of their camera. On the other hand, more advanced lighting equipment includes stands and dimmable photo light panels.

Professional equipment is vital to succeeding in creating a high-quality video. But it’s also essential to keep in mind that content should always come first. Your professional-looking videos won’t go anywhere if they aren’t impactful enough. As soon as you discover the message you want to deliver, you can proceed in planning the execution through these tools.

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