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From start to finish – The secrets behind a viral video

Videos are powerful! Simply stated, there is something about videos that everyone just loves, and that is exactly why they represent a good medium for marketing.

Videos go viral much more than any other content that is created for marketing. What are then the components of a viral video? What processes are involved in an award winning video?

Scripted development

A viral video possesses a scripted development, from making the videos, editing and post-production to getting the video out into public space. All of these process must be properly scripted and executed at the proper and particular time. This does not only ensure the proper production and quality of the video; it also ensures its virility.
High quality
It’s rare to find a viral video with low quality, videos that are viral more often than not are high quality videos. You cannot ensure the quality of your video if it is not made by a reputable video production company. Video quality is usually determined by set lightening, props and a lot of other factors; as such you must hire a video production company if you intend to make your video trend.

Engaging content

Everyone loves what makes them glued, this is the bane of viral videos. Viral videos must definitely possess content that will ensure that everyone wants to watch it. The power to create such content often times lies with the video production company, they can bring in the script writing finesse and skills to the video set and ensure that your video trends.

Fantastic Editing
The theatrics, often times is not just enough to cut it and put videos in the trending category. It is usually the editing and finishing that places videos in the upper echelon. While you can go ahead and get all of the A-list actors and actresses, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if your video doesn’t eventually trend. As long as the editing is below top-notch, it can’t go any further.

Online Advocacy
Videos don’t trend themselves, each video, regardless of its quality relies on a massive network of online advocacy and promotion. This ultimately makes a huge difference between a video that will trend and one that won’t. Online advocacy team includes serial bloggers, social media trend setters and a network of similar individuals who ensure that the video eventually breaks the internet.

A good video production company will ensure that your video trends, using these simple principles outlined here. Most production companies have built a huge network that you will definitely benefit from as a company or a brand. But we have a bargain for you, instead of using just any video production company, why not allow us help you trend your videos.

Our years of experience in the industry and the huge network of trend setters we have created over the period will ensure that your video becomes trendy.

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