Our Services

From integrated and strategic planning to social media marketing and producing original content, Gamble Guys Productions will help you achieve your goals.
We offer a number of services for all clients, big and small. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Web Design and Development

Our desire to cultivate a strong digital presence for our clients is a big priority. We will ensure that your production can be converted to sharable content across platforms. We offer web hosting, can customize your website to best display your content and include on-page SEO formatting.

Marketing and Strategic Planning

We specialize in digital and social media marketing and produce sharable online video content. We can connect you to a host of social media influencers and other strategic partners to expand your audience organically and produce quantifiable results for your company.

Short Films

We believe in the power of compelling story telling through the art of film. As a creative collaborator, our mission is to help you gather all the pieces needed to translate your message to video. From interviews, to dynamic b-roll and captivating action shots, we’ve got you covered.


Need to cover an event? Our team can capture important elements of a story that only your event can tell. We shoot in a number of different formats using the latest high-quality equipment.


Our editors are highly skilled, detail-oriented masters of post-production. With great attention to rhythm, tempo and structure we can create a production that will have great impact and become more than a mere collection of footage.

Music Videos

Are you a musician, dancer, rapper or singer? We know the ‘City of Angels’ is filled with immense talent so we are always excited to produce a high-quality creative visual representation of your music.

Regular Casting

First you contact us and tell us about your project, timetable, etc. Then, you send us your scripts. We’ll give you an estimate based on the number of scripts, the number of characters, and how long it will take to cast your project.

Voice Casting

We record our auditions digitally for the best possible sound quality, and then painstakingly edit them – sending you only the very best takes, delivered electronically the same day.

Background Casting and Extras

Gamble guy productions is an established casting service that has booked talent on hundreds of productions in recent years alone. Our members have worked on features from Oscar-winning directors, critically acclaimed television shows, Super Bowl commercials, and music videos from top Billboard artists.

Let us capture your greatness!